What is Business Excellence

In my previous corporate life, Business Excellence was my forte.

Fee Fee Fi Foo, I crunched numbers to make my bread, built structures and process to help the business perform and championed exceptional business behaviour.

Truth is numbers don’t lie, when it comes to business, but there are many more building blocks needed to not just start a business, but to maintain it and make it succeed.

In my second life, I ditched the smooth terrain of corporate, became a cowboy and launched into the most unpredictable and crazy terrain of entrepreneurship. Was this madness or what? Well, this worked for my good as I am now a double-edged sword; with a experience on both sides. I spent enough years in various areas and levels of corporate to understand how things work in structured businesses. On the other side, I found out very quickly the difference between knowing what you should do (ie best practice) and being able to implement them amidst all the bullets, darts and knives on the entrepreneurship battlefield.

Was it fun? Many times, when revenues were good, image was good, business was rolling.

So why do I call it a battlefield? Because there were many days when things went wrong, I lost business, money, teams, got broke, was confused, there were acts of God, Ghana wasn’t working etc. Crazily tough during these times, but I survived, knew what to do, got running again and doing well again.

The key was knowing what to do and HOW to execute it and all within the context of your business ecology and your personal journey. Hinging on Structure/ Systems, Processes, Revenue Planning and the indefatigable Business Etiquette, we sail.

Now in my 3rd or 4th life, I am committed to helping people as daring as I was, to navigate this journey with less scars. They say “follow who know road’ (as our jollof competitors). Why re-invent the wheel, why beat a new path when there’s a trodden one? I am looking for people to help. SME business owners who really need help. People ready to implement, not just take notes. The objective is to see results, because it is possible and I am a living testament to that.

It is true, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, however for the determined, disciplined one who is ready to be guided. Jump on this train and let’s do Business Excellence together.

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