Josephine Hutton-Mills

Meet the Visionary Behind Living With Finesse

An Expert in Etiquette, Manners, and Protocols

Josephine Hutton-Mills is a distinguished Certified Etiquette Trainer, renowned for her expertise in etiquette, manners, and protocols. With extensive training from prestigious institutions such as the British School of Etiquette, the Charleston School of Protocols, and ongoing professional development, Josephine continuously expands her knowledge and skills in this field.

Josephine’s unwavering passion to foster a kinder, more polite, and considerate world led her to establish “Little Foxes,” which has now evolved into the renowned academy, “Living With Finesse.” She believes that etiquette is not merely a set of rules, but a lifestyle that enhances relationships, builds character, and promotes personal and professional success.

Passion for Sharing Knowledge
Josephine’s passion to share her wealth of experiences and expertise drives her commitment to cultivating a kinder and more considerate society. Through her engaging youth, business, and lifestyle sessions, Josephine imparts her knowledge with remarkable passion and zest. Participants can expect to receive internationally recognized, credible, and comprehensive training from a true luminary in the field.

Professional Accomplishments

Josephine’s exceptional career journey showcases a diverse range of accomplishments and expertise. Some notable achievements include:

Certified IFC Corporate Governance Trainer: Josephine holds the distinction of being a Certified IFC Corporate Governance Trainer, bringing valuable knowledge and insights to her training programs.

Former Corporate Strategist: With her background as a former Corporate Strategist in the FMCG and Telecoms Industry, Josephine understands the importance of manners and protocols in building successful business relationships.

Event Management Business: Josephine successfully ran a full-fledged Event Management Business for over 20 years. This experience has equipped her with practical insights into the profound impact of manners and protocols on relationships, business ventures, careers, and personal development.

Impact and Influence

Josephine’s extensive knowledge and experience make her a trusted authority in the realm of etiquette, manners, and protocols. By empowering individuals, groups, and corporate entities with the skills and awareness needed to excel in their interactions, she profoundly impacts their personal and professional lives. Through her training, Josephine equips individuals with the tools to build stronger relationships, enhance their business acumen, and create lasting impressions that lead to success.