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Who We Are

Living With Finesse is the premier etiquette and confidence-boosting academy in Ghana. We are dedicated to transforming lives through the art of good behavior, manners, and protocols. Led by our esteemed Certified Etiquette Trainer, Josephine Hutton-Mills, we offer engaging and comprehensive training programs that empower individuals, groups, and corporate bodies to embrace kindness, politeness, consideration, and confidence. At Living With Finesse, we believe that etiquette is not just a set of rules, but a way of life that enhances personal growth, relationships, and success.

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Meet Josephine Hutton-Mills:
The Excellence Coach

Josephine Hutton-Mills, the visionary behind Living With Finesse, is a distinguished Certified Etiquette Trainer renowned for her expertise in etiquette, manners, and protocols. With extensive training from prestigious institutions such as the British School of Etiquette and the Charleston School of Protocols, Josephine continuously expands her knowledge and skills in this field. Her unwavering passion to foster a kinder, more polite, and considerate world led her to establish “Little Foxes,” which has now evolved into the renowned academy, “Finesse.”

Our History

A Legacy of Excellence in Etiquette Training

Living With Finesse has a rich history rooted in the pursuit of excellence in etiquette training. Originally founded as “Little Foxes,” our academy began with a mission to instill proper manners and etiquette in children and young adults. Over the years, under the leadership of Josephine Hutton-Mills, we have grown and expanded our offerings to cater to individuals, groups, and corporate clients across various sectors. Our commitment to delivering exceptional training experiences and transforming lives has earned us a reputation as the go-to etiquette academy in Ghana.

Trusted by a Diverse Range of Clients