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It is common place around this time of the year to have resolutions, plans and strategies all over the place. Slow down. Don’t get intimidated by people like me who can cook up a template with formulas and colour codes and timelines within minutes. Pause! Breath in.

Before we start any new resolutions or projects, can we embark on attaining Excellence in the things already in motion. I feel like that is a great place to start. Excellence, may not be perfection, but it means you are putting deliberate effort into achieving perfection. It is in the small details, the “little” but significant steps we take towards progress, growth and improvement. Some of the steps include improving ourselves on a personal level and also on a professional and business level.

To help us attain growth and excellence, there are many tools developed all over the world to make it easier for us. When you speak Strategy, you consider tools like The Business Model Canvas, Scorecards, Gap Analysis etc. When you speak Personal Development, you may use tools like The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence Tests, Strengths Finder, Value Assessment and all my life-improving Etiquette Training Modules and Programs. Yup!!!

Last year I emphasized my expertise as an Excellence Expert and not an Etiquette Coach, because I needed that paradigm shift in our minds that like any of the tools intended to help us improve our person or businesses, etiquette was one of them.

In the spirit of mapping out our lives for 2024, I have set out to help us achieve Business Excellence in the next few months. Business Excellence involves using systems and processes to create stakeholder value (ie: revenue for business owners, performance for teams and experience for customers)

Join me over the next few weeks as we discuss Business Excellence and in addition to many tools, we will be exploring you will be amazed to find how etiquette finds its way in there too.

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