Hobby or Business. Decide Here and Now

Is it true that what you are wearing affects your mood, manners, posture and outlook?

Most definitely. Let’s run a simple test. On your next zoom meeting, instead of turning your video off while in your pyjamas and chewing wildly on some nuts, dress smart, put on your pair of work shoes, and do add a whiff of perfume or cologne. Guess what? Because you have taken steps to appear right, your mind and mood will be right and you will turn on your video.

The tone you set affects your demeanour and it shows. In the same way, how you feel about your business affects how you show up for it and we feel it. Ever walked into a boutique and heavily greeted by the smell of kenkey and fish? Or an improperly dressed sales girl wearing slippers or flip flops? Match that with another shop that welcomes you with lovely scents of room diffusers, sprays or candles and a sharply dressed sales girl. Big difference.

I have said many articles ago that the basis of etiquette is to leave people with a pleasant experience and they will want to experience you again and again. Now the decision to making your customer experience excellent does not start with just the love for lovely scents. It starts with the decision to ensure that your business is a real business, meant to attract and keep customers and to make money and not just some hobby, you can play with.

This is the first tenet of business excellence.

What is your business to you. Think well and good.

SME businesses may start for many reasons: out of desperation, as a hobby or passion, because you heard it makes a lot of money, just to copy your best friend or maybe you just have extra cash to spare. But at some point, for it to succeed, you need to shift gear and apply proper business practices or wave it into oblivion.

We are at the forked junction.

Deal or No Deal

Business or Hobby

Over to you…..

Because if you mean real business, then it is time to take Business Excellence seriously.

Did you notice how Business Etiquette showed its face again somewhere in there. It ain’t going away anytime soon, so get used to it. You will need it.

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